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Devean Chase Talks DEVEAN CHASE The Way Forward SPIRITUAL REBELLION An unlearning of the misguided “self-help” movement. READ MORE

Modern Buddhism by Devean Chase

Letting go of intention does not create laziness, it does not prevent forward movement.
From Modern Buddhism Chapter 3
Devean Chase


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The Problem With

Finding True Inner Peace

The Vision

Self-help has gone wrong. Meditation has gone wrong. Spirituality has gone wrong. The words of the ancient buddhas have become muddled and misinterpreted. Our society is worse now than ever before in history. It's time for an unlearning, a time for a change.

Meditate… do not delay, lest you later regret it.
BUDDHA - Sallekha Sutta
meditation devean chase

To every person seeking refuge in the ancient teachings of wisdom and compassion to practice.

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