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Eight-Fold Path Explained: Least Resistance

When you move on this path you will come up against resistance from the society, from the parent, from the friend, from the lover. These people all store the files that you are attempting to  destroy. They all carry intention and the importance that they’ve given to it. When they observe you creating change in your life they will become disturbed. They will mistake that you are moving further away from them, further away from their values. In order to move freely in the world towards bliss, towards the destruction of the mind you must move cautiously. 


You will try to meditate and the husband or the wife will become jealous. For who are you trying to change? Am I not enough for your happiness? Dropping the mind, you will become more aware. They will feel that you will become aware of the misery in your relationships. However, you might finally become aware of the love within it that was lost. 

In your awareness you might see that your actions are not pleasing to your body. You might become aware that taking in other animals is not pleasing to you, not aesthetic. In your awareness you might become more sensitive to the earth, you might wish to cause less harm with waste and destruction. 

Then the family feels you are not authentic, that you are following trends and becoming pretentious. They confuse this because many people they observe are creating these changes through borrowed morality. However this is not the case. The idea of morality in our society is not true morality. Borrowed morality comes from one telling another what is right and what is wrong. From mimicking the actions of idols. 


The morality that you develop will appear naturally from your awareness. It will have nothing to do with your desire to change or your desire to appear harmless. It will be a waking up to what aligns with your being. This is what the Buddha calls right morality. 


Unless the family and the society are also dropping the mind, becoming more aware, then you will face judgement for your new morality. You will need to move cautiously through this or the society will coax you back to the mind where they are living through. They will crush the seed that is sprouting in you. To protect the seed of wisdom and to remain on this path you will need to create an environment where you do not embrace the resistance from the external.


Patanjali would call this Yama, the first step in yoga. It is often misinterpreted as self restraint however it means to direct one’s life energy. The path of the Buddha is much like the path of yoga. The paths lead to the same place. Both paths are arduous and few will survive until the end. Therefore it is necessary to preserve one’s energy for the path, and not to divert one’s energy to the management of others. You must learn to avoid the constant reaction to the outside world.


There is a temptation to feel anger and defensiveness. To react without awareness and contemplation. The temptation will lure you away from bliss. A fire in you is always burning, waiting to engulf you. Slowly you will need to dampen the fire. For every time the world tries to add fuel to your fire you must resist. The energy used to create this fire will be too great. There is nothing left for your path and you will be too weak to survive the journey. 


The temptation to argue, the temptation to defend the ego, the temptation to gossip. This will be constantly present. As the mind slows and awareness arises your desire to react will lessen. However the society and the family will not take this well. They will urge you to participate. Your silence adding gasoline to their own fires. Eventually the temptation to react will be too great. The natural urge to become unreactive will not be enough. A conscious decision must be made to avoid the temptations. To remain peaceful, to resist stoking the flames. 


It is not expected that you will become unreactive immediately. It is not expected that you become less tied to your emotions right away. It is only necessary that you practice. This practice will be made simple by your need to remain peaceful. It will no longer become important to defend or to gossip. The more blissful you become the more you will wish to preserve your bliss. To remain on the path to bliss much fuel is needed. You will be unwilling to expend what fuel you have left for the fire. However it will still take a commitment, a discipline on your part to remain with your bliss and without reaction.


Once you’ve created an atmosphere of peace around you, others will allow you to become more authentic. Once the family and the friends and the lovers have become accepting of your lack of participation you will be free to continue. Once they have accepted your new morality, your lack of anger, and your disinterest in gossip, your energy will be free to continue on the path.