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About Devean

Devean Chase is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and author known for the precision of his teachings and his ‘spiritually rebellious’ style. He is one of the leading teachers of self-realization, enlightenment, and a mixture of ancient philosophies. Deveans’ approach to self-realization and enlightenment is designed to inspire and guide seekers that are tired of the round-about, convoluted, nature of modern spiritual teachings and to directly experience the truth themselves.

A Brief History…

Devean Chase was born into Buddhism in Sri Lanka. His uncles being buddhist monks ingrained the values into him as a child.

He was then thrown into Christianity after moving to Africa where he was raised in a rich diplomatic family. Before he was a teen, he traveled into America, remaining within the United Nations until the unforeseen death of his father.  

Once again being uprooted from his life, he was forced into poverty. His teen years were spent in the impoverished streets of New York, in the housing projects of Stapleton, until as the oldest son, he was able to find success in his business and help his family into a better life.

Devean found immense success at a young age, but not answers. Not happiness. Only questions.

It is the dissonance of Devean’s life, his immersion into multiple religions, his exploration of wealth, and of poverty that gave him a perspective unlike many. He came to find that much about what we know of success and happiness is flawed. He drew knowledge from many great philosophers and past enlightened beings to find the truth about what we are all seeking.

At the age of 28, he became attuned with the truth.

Devean Chase Profile
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